Whatever Will Happen to the Tape Crusaders?

It’s almost time for the main event, folks. Yes, The Reel World Podcast’s coverage of Batman: The Animated Series is fast approaching! Those of you who do get in touch with us (which you should absolutely feel free to do by commenting here or heading over to The Facebook or The Twitter) have been clamouring (suck it, America) for us to do BTAS since we announced we were moving on to Batman in the first place, and for good reason.

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But there’s a LOT of episodes and we don’t have the time to hit them all, so instead we’re taking 15 of the very best episodes and using them to inform our discussion. So if you want to play along at home and get yourselves ready too, here’s our list!

1) Almost Got ‘Im (S1 Ep. #46)

2) Heart of Ice (S1 Ep. #14)

3) Two-Face (S1 Ep. #10-11)

4) Robin’s Reckoning (S1 Ep. #32-33)

5) Mad Love (New Batman Adventures Ep. #21)

6) Feat of Clay (S1 Ep. #20-21)

7) Over the Edge (New Batman Adventures Ep. #12)

8) The Demon’s Quest (S1 Ep. #60-61)

9) Joker’s Favor (S1 Ep. #22)

10) Perchance to Dream (S1 Ep. #30)

11) The Trial (S2 Ep. #3)

By no means should you feel you have to watch all or even most of these, after all, Mike & Matt are trained idiots, but there we are.

Also, the IMDb episode guide is based on the bizarre broadcast schedule so ignore that at all costs. DVD box sets break the series up into four volumes (Vol. 1: S1 Ep. #1-28, Vol. 2: S1 Eps. #29-56, Vol. 3: S1 Ep. #57 – 65, S2 Ep.#1-20, Vol. 4: New Batman Adventures Ep. #1-24) if that helps anyone.


Before we get there, there will be a special non-Batman episode covering the Best Picture Nominees for the Oscars, and of course a review of the upcoming Lego Batman.

And if you need to get caught up on the podcast we’ve got you covered!

Or if you like your podcasts in YouTube form, who are we to judge?!

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