Mike & Matt’s X-Cellent Adventures – Episode #1 – X-Men


The world has obviously been clamoring for a retrospective podcast mini-series on the X-Men films, and now it is finally getting one. Matt Waters joins me to break down the film that started the entire X-Men cinematic franchise, X-Men. Is the film any good? (Yes, very much so.) Is this podcast series worth your time? (Probably not tbph.) Is Iceman a candyass? (100%) These are just some of the questions we dived into on episode #1 of Mike & Matt’s X-Cellent Adventures!

If you want to send us feedback, leave a comment below or on twitter dot com: @MattCWaters and @mcthomas216. You can read more of Matt’s writing and listen to more of his podcasts here and here.


If the player above is not working well, you can download the podcast here. You can also listen to this episode below via the Youtube.

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