Top Ten MCU Films: #2 – Guardians of the Galaxy

Sick of films from Marvel Studios? Think list articles are cliche? If your answer to either of those questions is ‘no,’ then there is a chance you will not hate this countdown of the best (and only) films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

While far from a perfect film, Guardians of the Galaxy represents the amazing possibilities open to Marvel Studios. Despite the conventional overall story structure, this film found countless ways to challenge our expectations of what to expect from an MCU film.

The film starts with a punch to the gut as we see a little boy losing his mother to cancer before finding out he grew up to be an intergalactic thief who gets pleasure from kicking around small animals while on the job. The rest of this gang of heroes involve a deadly assassin who has spent years working for two of the most dangerous beings in the galaxy, a psychotic/violent criminal who wants to be kill said assassin, and a couple of deadly thieves. (Did I mention those two deadly thieves were a talking raccoon and a talking tree?) These characters take us on a wild and hilarious ride throughout the galaxy where we meet all sorts of delightfully strange beings. This corner of the MCU is a goldmine for unconventional heroes and weirdness. I hope we get to see so much more of it in the next decade. The possibilities for fun are endless.

The Worst Aspect of the Film: The Plots Relies Too Heavily on Marvel Studios Conventions

Ronan The Accuser is a fairly stock villain with nothing redeemable about him. He seeks to destroy the galaxy for vague reasons (ethnic cleansing, I guess?), and we never learn anything about him to make us understand nor appreciate how he became this unwavering force of nature that he is. The film also has an extremely powerful thingamajig that unfortunately drives a lot of the plot. There is a massive CGI armies (well, Air Force, I suppose) battle at the end. There’s even a death fakeout with Groot. Despite all the chances Marvel took with this corner of the universe, they didn’t really create a story worthy of that. The film has enough charm and fun to overcome that obviously, but I hope they get much more creative about the story in subsequent films.

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