Ranking the Succession Seasons

This is a **fluid** project as the show is not over yet, and I can already anticipate my viewpoints on certain seasons shifting over time. In fact, if anything, Season 3 made me think it was probably stupid to even release this now. But fuck it! Content!

3. Season 3 – TOM!

When you read my write-ups of Season 1 & 2, you’re going to think I am beyond confident that this show is genuinely great. Unfortunately, Season 3 was when I realized that we are all going to need some more time and perspective to determine if this show is as good as we want it to be. It is not to say the show was not still a great deal of fun, but there is an undeniably sense that the show is writing way too much to the present to be welcomed into the pantheon of legitimate art television dramas. What we may have instead is merely a great exercise in soap opera – this is not so much a criticism but definitely a comedown from where we thought it mind end up. The moment captured above was when something broke for me. I am not sure if I ever seen such a line written that seemed more blatantly designed to be screenshot in the hopes of going viral. Something really went cold for me then. Regardless though, the soap opera and palace intrigue elements of this show are still mostly just expertly executed.


2. Season 1 – “Rise” and Fall of Kendall

Okay, just imagine that Michael Corleone repeatedly tries to unseat Vito Corleone only he falls flat on his face multiple times, and the entire journey leaned into the absurdity of the stupidity that this wealth causes on the people born into and the destruction it leads to for the rest of the world. The margin of error this show set for itself was remarkable, but they managed to thread the needle in telling a story about some truly awful human beings, make them feel like human beings, but never making them genuinely empathetic. It was an absolutely tremendous introduction to this world which feels like a tragically accurate reflection of the actual world we all live in.


1. Season 2 – King Roy makes his move.

The beauty of this season is how they managed to move all the characters forward in completely logical, believable, and enthralling directions while never having any of them deviate from their true depressingly awful selves. This made everyone’s development feel totally organic and true to human nature while also never feeling stale or repetitive. When you put all of that together with the show’s trademarked humanity and cynicism you have yourself a rare legitimate great television show feel like it is at the top of its game and potentially only getting better.

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