There Will Be Movies – Episode 55: Death Becomes Her

Ben Phillips & Matt Waters present 25 of their favourite movies from the 1990s.

Join us as we marvel at the heights of special effects wizardry, assess the career trajectories of the Big Three leads and wildly disrespect Forrest Gump and Contact.

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Next week: A Few Good Men

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Intro/Outro music courtesy of Goldblume


If this was your first time experiencing the dulcet tones of Ben & Matt then why not check out their other podcasts: Ben & Matt’s MARVELlous JourneyCountdown to Destruction?Secret Agent MenNothing Ever Ends and Kicky Punchy Men?

Matt continues to recap episodes of Batman: The Animated Series every Saturday and Sunday. This weekend we reach the end of The New Batman Adventures with the debuts of The Creeper and The Judge,

Matt also presents Marvel Mondays, which will begin coverage of What If…? next week.

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Matt Waters

Brit dude who likes both things AND stuff and has delusions of being some kind of writer or something. Basketball, video games, comic books, films, music, other random stuff.

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