The Reel World Christmas Special 2020: Lethal Weapon & Happiest Season

Happy Christmas! Wear a fucking mask!

Oh, and enjoy two very different Christmas movies with Mike & Matt for their fourth annual special. Matt brings the Shane Black classic Lethal Weapon, while Mike throws us a curveball with Happiest Season.

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Did you miss STAR WARS WEEK? Ignore your family this holiday season and get caught up!

There Will Be Movies wraps its second volume on Monday with Parasite. Make sure to listen for more of Matt’s burnout announcement.

Matt continues to recap episodes of Batman: The Animated Series every Saturday and Sunday. This week Batman contemplates giving up on his crusade against crime and tangles with the League of Assassins for the first time.

The Superhero Pantheon returns for a Christmas look at Watchmen next week, making it the third time the 2019 series will have been covered on the site.

Jerome & Kevin’s Breaking Bad podcast, Reel Bad, also returns next week to finish up coverage of Better Call Saul. More episodes when they make more seasons!

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