From Broadcast Depth – Episode 55: ‘What Kate Does’ & ‘The Substitute’


In the tradition of mirroring Season 1, episodes 3 and 4 of Season 6 are Kate and Locke centric. Kate’s episode features the return of a main cast member who was missing for an entire season, and how her life and Kate’s intersected in the alternate timeline. Locke’s episode shows how his life is similar and different from the main timeline, his interactions with several different characters, and the acceptance of his fate.

Meanwhile, Sawyer falls deeper into his sadness, making him the perfect susceptible target for Not Locke to manipulate. This leads to a discussion of how LOST fans’ expectations colored their viewpoint of Season 6 and a particular mythology point answered in this episode.

Photo Credit: Lostpedia Original artwork: Ben Lundy.

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Mike & Matt’s Matrix podcast, The Sky Scorchers, has has unfortunately come to an end now that they have reviewed The Animatrix. Fear not though, as they’re already ‘hard at work’ secretly recording their newest audio venture. Plus Ben & Matt’s Marvellous Journey will be back in the next few months… so… there’s that!

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