From Broadcast Depth – Episode 53: ‘The Incident’ Parts 1 & 2


The Season 5 finale introduces us to Jacob, the man we’ve heard so much about, but have never seen until today. We learn how Jacob touched the lives of several Oceanic 815 survivors at crucial points in their life, leading to a discussion as to what Jacob’s purpose may be. In 2007, all things culminate at the four toed statue when “Locke” and Jacob have their showdown, and Richard learns that all may not be what it seems.

Our survivors are trying to correct the timeline in 1977 by using the hydrogen bomb to explode the Hatch. This time period give the hosts their chance to vent some frustrations with the character choices, and how some of what the characters stated expressed how the fans were feeling at the time. The episode ends of overall thoughts on Season 5.

Only one Season left of Island exploration to go!

Photo Credit: Lostpedia Original artwork: Ben Lundy.

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Mike & Matt’s Matrix podcast, The Sky Scorchers, has rounded out the live-action portion of the franchise with The Matrix Revolutions. Coming next week: The Animatrix.

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