From Broadcast Depth – Episode 46: ‘Jughead’ & ‘The Little Prince’


As the Island gang continues to travel through time, a lot is learned about the history of the Island and Charles Widmore’s relationship to it as they end up in 1954 where a hydrogen bomb threatens the Island’s current inhabitants. Locke also thinks of a plan that could put an end up to the spontaneous flashes through time. Off the Island, Desmond is on the hunt for Daniel Faraday’s mother, and Ben Linus gets closer to bringing the Oceanic Six together.

Ben has a theory as to why he may have some issues with Season 5, and why he wasn’t so surprised to see a presumed to be dead character return. A mixed bag of episodes this week, but a lot to discuss!

From Broadcast Depth Season 3.jpg

Episode Photo Credit: The Ed Zone Original artwork: Ben Lundy.

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