From Broadcast Depth – Episode 42: 2007-08 Writers Strike & ‘The Shape of Things to Come’


Before Season 4 began to air, the Writers Guild of America went on strike. Kevin and Ben reminisce about this period, the incredible foresight the writers and producers of the show had, the support of the producers and cast, and how it affected LOST for the rest of the shows duration.

Ben then gets to discuss his all time favorite LOST episode. If there was ever a podcast that warranted a standalone episode discussion, this is it. Ben Linus’ unique flash forward sheds some light on his relationship with Charles Widmore, with the on Island story foretelling how they reached this point with a tragic character loss.

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Original artwork: Ben Lundy.

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Countdown to Destruction?

Love Damon Lindelof but hate tropical mystery islands? Boy do we have the show for you! Ben Phillips & Matt Waters have just finished breaking down every episode of The Leftovers for your listening pleasure.

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