From Broadcast Depth – Episode 24: ‘Live Together, Die Alone’

thumbnail_Live_Together_Die_Alone (Credit Patheos)

Michael has his commands from the Others: bring Jack, Kate, Sawyer, and Hurley (and only those four) to them, and he and Walt get to leave the Island. Does he succeed? Is he able to keep his secret plan a secret? Why do the Others specifically want those four Survivors?

Meanwhile, Locke and Eko are still fighting over the button in the Hatch, and all of that gets thrown into a loop when Desmond returns to the island, drunk as a skunk and seemingly giving up all hope of leaving.

Our flashback explores Desmond’s life before the Island, the fateful storm that brought him there, his life in the Hatch before he was discovered, and how his partner died. Not to mention a crazy epilogue scene that asks way more questions than it answers.

In addition to recapping the two part finale, Kevin and Ben look back at the season as a whole. How does it stack up compared to Season 1? Where the Tailies a worthwhile addition to the show? This, plus our final superlatives of Season 2 and a very brief look at a fun bonus feature from the DVD.

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Original artwork by Ben Lundy.


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