From Broadcast Depth Episode 16: ‘The Other 48 Days’ & ‘Collision’

FBCD Episode 16

Ana Lucia Cortez is one of the most hated characters in LOST history. After watching her first flashback episode, it isn’t hard to figure out why. Our hosts discuss the curious case of Ana Lucia, what went wrong, and some parallels to the character of Kate. The other flashback catches us up on the lives of Tailies in the first 48 days on the island, putting some missing pieces of the puzzle together in the process. As a bonus, you get more discussion on the band Staind than your probably expected or wanted.

Photo courtesy of Lostpedia. Original artwork by Ben Lundy.

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Look. We are sorry for all the Marvel content. Except we are not sorry. Rather than bombard you with all of it here, please just check out the podcast page for Ben & Matt’s Marvellous Journey as everything is there.

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