From Broadcast Depth Episode 7: ‘Hearts and Minds’ & ‘Special’

From Broadcast Depth

Four survivors get their first flashback treatment this week! Not all is what it seems when Boone goes to “save” Shannon from an abusive boyfriend in the Outback, nor is all what it seems when he rescues her from a boar attack in the jungle. We discover what led to Michael and Walt reuniting and some of the strange activity that has occurred in Walt’s life, and more on the comic book with the polar bear.

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Coming this Wednesday: Ben Phillips and Matt Waters take on one of the best reviewed Marvel movies, Captain America: The Winter Soldier as part of their ongoing MCU podcast, Ben & Matt’s Marvellous Journey. Despite some bumpy audio quality and a format abandoned mid-way through, they just about got through it. Their bad.

Mike Thomas and Jerome Cusson loved Matt Waters’ work hosting the 2017 Oscarcast so much that they decided to do the 2018 edition in written form without him. Spoilers: Mike LOVES Three Billboards.

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