Big Spideas – Episode 2: ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ 1 & 2

Spidey 1.jpg

Yep, Homecoming has been out for a couple of weeks now and we’re still talking about old Spider-Man movies. But we’re edging slightly closer with the Marc Webb directed Amazing films. Get ready for some takes of varying temperature.

That’s right, as quick as Mike & Matt are to tear down your beloved Raimi trilogy, they’re even quicker to jump to the defence of Andrew Garfield’s two outings as the wallcrawler… before promptly trashing them as well… Look. We have complicated feelings about Spider-Man, okay?

Now the past is in the past, it’s full steam ahead toward the… very recent past… Yep. Homecoming will be discussed NEXT WEEK!


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Futuramarama is still a thing and Matt would love it if you checked out the past content but he just moved into a new house and adulting is hard for puny man-children like him so he’s decided to just stop posting new episodes. He’s thinking real hard about it though. So that’s something. More coming soon!


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