Mike & Matt’s X-Cellent Adventures – An X-Men Podcast


Mike Thomas & Matt Waters take a deep dive into the history of the X-Men franchise on the big (and small) screen and share their thoughts as longtime mutant fans whether you want to hear them or not. If nothing else, you get to hear the amazing theme tune to the Animated Series a dozen times, so that’s surely worth a like/subscribe.

Episode #1 – X-Men
Episode #2 – X2: X-Men United
Episode #3 – X-Men: The Last Stand
Episode #4 – X-Men Origins: Wolverine
Episode #5 – X-Men: First Class
Episode #6 – The Wolverine
Episode #7 – X-Men: Days of Future Past
Episode #8 – Deadpool
Episode #9 – X-Men: Apocalypse
Episode #10 – The Future of X-Men
Episode #11 – X-Men Cartoons
Episode #12 – Wolverine & The X-Men
Episode #13 – Logan
Episode #14 – Legion

Plus: Ranking the X-Men
The Top 7 Villainous Sidekicks in X-Men
Mike’s Logan Review aka Goodbye, X-Men